Day 012 – Shadow crept in (Late posting).

Intensity: 8
Diet: 9

I’ve taken the unit amounts from the chart. Before, a text said “Egg x2” or so. I realized I hadn’t updated it for D-10 & D-11. Better to get rid of unnecessary complexity to keep in mind. I’ve added the corrections to the relevant posts.

This post is a day late. As soon as I’ve finished this I’ll be writing D-13. I went to bed late on D-11 and overslept. I did wake up on time, but my legs felt too weak for cardio, so I slept four more hours. I woke up much renewed (goes to show the importance of proper sleep), but not enough to get more than an 8 on the workout. 4 cycling laps may have been a mistake.

Breakfast pancakes were at noon. Somewhat after I ate some roast meat (93g). I’ve added tenderloin and steak to the global food chart. I had another 105g of roast around 4:00 pm. Diet is 9 because I had an apple. Had chicken and an egg for dinner and a shake at some point. I shouldn’t wait a day to write these, I messed up. 4 cigs.

EDIT – Not on chart, but estimating chicken oil at 5g in future references.

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