Day 013 – Shadow possession and recovery.

Intensity: 6
Diet: 10 9

Last night I didn’t sleep. I got hooked on The Expanse, season 4. By the time common sense came to me it was 3:00 am. I thought I wouldn’t be able to wake up on time If I slept then, so I just kept going. Was too tired for weights because of this. On the afternoon I cycled 3 laps but was too tired for the 4th. A 4th might not be good for me at this point anyway, so that’s okay. Not at all happy with my performance, I have to sleep on time.

Diet was breakfast pancakes, lunch chicken, and throughout the afternoon some fried patties made from ground tenderloin. I would use the steak fat estimate but since it’s fried I figure tenderloin might be more accurate. Worst case scenario I ate less fat than I was aiming at; not a tragedy. Had a shake late at night.

The good thing about not sleeping is the opportunity to go to sleep at whatever healthy hour I choose and re-calibrate the sleep cycle, so I’m going now. 4 cigs.

EDIT – Diet -1 for late apple.

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