Day 015 – Second 4th lap!

Intensity: 10
Diet: 10

Gotta break that 103 kg barrier. With that in mind I cycled 4 laps today! Even with the extra distance, I still improved my average speed: 17.73 km/h.

Intake was 2 breakfast pancakes +4 butter, 240g chicken +10g oil lunch, 2 shakes after cycling (added an extra scoop by mistake and went for it), and an egg +2g butter for dinner.

I was happy to eat little fat today, although I’m thinking I shouldn’t do this. You can’t beat thermodynamics, so expending energy in a caloric deficit will reduce fat, even if the measured weight doesn’t reflect it: I could just be retaining more water in my body. If so, fat loss results will still be evident in the longer term. I won’t try to be below 70f anymore. 5 cigs.

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