Day 016 – Meh.

Intensity: 0
Diet: 9

I’ve been angry all day. Scale still says I’m at 103.4 kg. I asked around and I just may be holding water weight. Since I’m at a caloric deficit and spending calories in exercise there’s no way I’m not losing fat. It’ll just take time for it to be evidenced in the weight measurements. Still, I was so put down I didn’t do any exercise. I did keep the diet, though (-1 for an extra apple).

Breakfast was the usual pancakes +4g butter, lunch was 192g chicken +10g oil, there was some 109g avocado at some point, then an afternoon shake (cookie powder is gone), and for dinner I had 62g of pork chop and 2 eggs +4g butter (pork chops added to global chart).

That’s it, really. Tomorrow I’ll strive to burn more fat. 5 cigs.

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