Day 017 – New snack discovered.

Intensity: 10
Diet: 10


I was thinking about possible snacks and it suddenly hit me: chicharrón! That’s deep fried pork rinds. No carbohydrates, some good protein and less fat than one would assume.

I’ve also started eating my new vanilla protein powder. It’s kind of insipid, made me miss the cookie flavor.

On to the food intake: usual pancakes +4g butter for breakfast, 217g chicken +12g oil for lunch, an after-cycling shake, 86g avocado snack followed by 21g of rinds (added to global chart), then 21g more, and finished with 101g more avocado.

While showering after cycling I found some new convex geometry on my hips. It felt good. I also noticed a certain drop in my butt’s width. I sure wish these changes were reflected in the scale, though. Gotta be patient for that.

I got slightly lightheaded when standing up from a chair about two hours after cycling. It happened twice. This isn’t normal at all for me, so it gave me pause. I asked about it on the bodybuilding forums, just in case. Comments are a mix of “you’re not eating enough calories” and “you’re overthinking a single event”. I’ve heard before that my caloric intake is too low, but I don’t believe I’m starving my body. I actually have trouble eating as much protein as I am, and the multivitamin should insure I’m not missing on vitamins and minerals. What happened can also be explained by my body lagging in adjusting to the intensity of my cycling (I made 4 laps and improved my average speed to boot), or eating too much sodium (I suspect I add too much salt to the chicken and avocado), or eating too little sodium. I should be eating enough fat for it not to be a hormonal response issue. I may truly be overthinking this. I’ll report it if it continues to happen and won’t worry about it otherwise.

5 cigs.

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