Day 018 – Cheat meal day?

Intensity: 9
Diet: 7

Earlier tonight I ate four bites of some pasta that had been made with butter and eggs. I don’t know how to estimate the ingredients so it’s not on the chart. It shouldn’t be more than 200 cal, I think. This event, plus the previous “not enough carbs” feedback I got on the bodybuilding forums, prompted me to make carbohydrates columns in my food spreadsheet. I also took the time to beautify it a little. I might start to eat some oatmeal, to see how it goes. By the way, carb values of eggs and such also means there’s now more calories in the estimations of past days. The largest is 107 cal in D-10. Won’t be updating past posts but will use updated numbers in future references.

I started the day with the usual pancakes +4 butter. Ate lunch outside (a helpful forum poster estimated the chicken at around 115g or so). I must have added around 15g of olive oil on the salad. Later in the afternoon I had 106g of steak (added to the chart) +10g oil, 19g of rinds, 88g chicken thigh roast (added to chart), 20g more rinds and now I’m having a shake before bed.

Used to measuring my food, not knowing the weight caused me some stress. It was delicious, though

That’s all there is to it. I wonder if eating some carbs will actually help me lose fat. It seems counter productive to me, but worth a try. Tomorrow is cycling day. Weirdly, I’m starting to look forward to that exercise. 5 cigs.

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