Day 020 – DECAD REPORT 2!

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

These 10 days were frustrating, stuck at around 103kg. I finally dropped below that (after eating carbs, ironically). I’ve dropped a mere 1kg since D-10. 1-2 lbs (almost one kg at most) per week is a healthy weight drop, so it’s not an official tragedy. Still, I’m disappointed.

I took the special decad photos, but I’m not uploading them this time. They don’t look different enough without preconceptions. Maybe by the 3rd decad It’ll show the difference.

Today’s diet: breakfast pancakes +4g butter, 135g tenderloin roast leftover, 20g rinds snack, 175g of fried chicken patties (I’m making up a 30g oil number to account for the fat of the frying of all the ones I ate), then 85g more, 21g more rinds, and an apple. All the chicken patties made for the whole family had 2 eggs in them; I can’t count that so it’s not in the chart. I reached my protein goal without realizing, so there’s no 3rd scoop of protein powder today. I’m discounting a diet point for the apple and the extra fat.

Tomorrow I’m eating some carbs in the hopes that it’ll accelerate my metabolism. Maybe then I’ll burn more, or maybe not. I still want to compare cycling on carbs.

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