Day 019 – Carbohydrate experiments.

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

I decided to run some carb experiments (I dislike that contraction but whatever). I ate some white rice before weightlifting and pasta before cycling. I didn’t notice any improvement in my performance. My average cycling speed was actually lower than the previous session for the first time, by a bit less than 2 km/h. That may not seem like much but I certainly felt the lack of speed throughout the slog. I napped last afternoon and had trouble sleeping last night as a result. This could explain my lack of energy during biking. For all I know, the carbs may have actually helped. I will have to try again soon to verify. The bodybuilding forums keep insisting that I should eat some carbs and more calories in general, so maybe I should be prudent and try it. I’m putting a 9 for diet because I ate what I meant to, except for a final apple five minutes ago.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I ended up snacking 20g of rinds before sunrise. I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up I ate 102g of white rice (added to chart), breakfast protein pancakes after weightlifting, 100g of tenderloin roast by lunch, 70g of pasta (added to chart) +1 egg +5g oil +10g butter about half an hour before cycling (simple but delicious, it felt indulgent), a shake when I came back home, 99g tenderloin roast at some point afterwards, and 98g of chicken +6g of oil for dinner. Also an apple just now.

I also added oatmeal to the chart because I’ll end up eating that if the carb intake sticks. I had 6 cigs.

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