Day 020 – DECAD REPORT 2!

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

These 10 days were frustrating, stuck at around 103kg. I finally dropped below that (after eating carbs, ironically). I’ve dropped a mere 1kg since D-10. 1-2 lbs (almost one kg at most) per week is a healthy weight drop, so it’s not an official tragedy. Still, I’m disappointed.

I took the special decad photos, but I’m not uploading them this time. They don’t look different enough without preconceptions. Maybe by the 3rd decad It’ll show the difference.

Today’s diet: breakfast pancakes +4g butter, 135g tenderloin roast leftover, 20g rinds snack, 175g of fried chicken patties (I’m making up a 30g oil number to account for the fat of the frying of all the ones I ate), then 85g more, 21g more rinds, and an apple. All the chicken patties made for the whole family had 2 eggs in them; I can’t count that so it’s not in the chart. I reached my protein goal without realizing, so there’s no 3rd scoop of protein powder today. I’m discounting a diet point for the apple and the extra fat.

Tomorrow I’m eating some carbs in the hopes that it’ll accelerate my metabolism. Maybe then I’ll burn more, or maybe not. I still want to compare cycling on carbs.

Day 011 – New life record! Also: Decad Addendum.

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

Today is D-11! This is an extremely important record for me. Truth is, I started and abandoned the “Weight Loss Timelapse Project” a number of times over 7 years. The most I ever got before giving up was D-10. I scoured my hard drive and cloud server for traces of them and found a few. Let me show them to you.

You can actually see me getting fatter
  • Oct. 1st, 2012 — D-6, last photo of its set. This was the first attempt ever. There’s also a bunch of photos previous to D-0 with tests of angles and lighting.
  • Sep. 13th, 2014 — Angle and lighting testing set. No photos in subsequent days.
  • Jan. 1st, 2017 — D-0. No subsequent others.
  • Jul. 16th, 2017 — D-0. No subsequent others.
  • Oct. 26th, 2017 — D-7. Last of its set.

I also found an old spreadsheet starting on Feb. the 22nd, 2016. D-1 is at 98.4 kg. Last registry is D-4 at 99.0 kg. Intensity and Diet average 6.75 and 7, respectively. All other attempts were wiped. I’d do this every now and then when looking at my past photos: they shamed and disgusted me. I don’t know how many times I tried in total but it feels to be around 10, at least.

It’s different now. Before, the exercise was a torture I was whipping myself with and the diet was agony. Now I’m enjoying the process. I’ve grown a lot in the last year or two. This blog helps a bunch too, even without readers.

One last thing I didn’t include in the Decad Report (because I was too sleepy) were the changes I’ve noticed in my body:

  • I can see a slight difference in face roundness.
  • You can barely see it, but I’ve definitely reduced in volume: I can feel it with my hands. I’ve started to get comments.
  • My knees are doing lot better; before, I’ve hurt myself a few times when putting too much weight on one.
  • After a few days, I can now touch my toes during calf stretches.
  • I don’t get a tendon stretch feeling when walking anymore. This used to happen occasionally.
  • I’m discovering a few muscles in my legs that I didn’t know of, particularly the ones responsible for pedaling.

This has all been very encouraging. But anyway, on to the day.

Diet is 9 because I was aiming for less fat. I overdid it with the oil, but I didn’t want to make a mess trying to put it back in the bottle; plus I had already weighted it. Morning was the usual 2 pancakes +2g butter. Lunch was 188g of chicken (from now on chicken means chicken breast unless otherwise specified) +15g of oil (olive oil assumed from now on too). There was also the post-cycling shake in the afternoon and dinner was 85g of chicken, 102g of avocado (less than half!) and a scrambled egg; all in 18g of oil.

Today was also my first caffeine-fueled cycling ride. It helped quite a bit: I did 4 laps around the Pentagonito and even improved my average speed (marginally). I know which apps don’t track stops now and will be removing them from the averages calculations from now on and retroactively in future posts.

I’m very happy with my general improvement. Looking back, my problem was always an attitudinal one. I’m way mentally healthier now and have no interest in stopping this project. I had 5 cigs.

ERRATAS: Food charts from D-9 and D-10 aren’t adding the protein and fat of the eggs to the totals. I’ve added disclaimers to both posts. Yes, this means I ate even more fat than I meant to. Also, the number of isolate protein servings (“…protein x2”) in D-11 and D-10 should be 3.


Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

A decad is a set of ten. Decade used to also refer to ten days, but it’s fallen from use. I’ll be making a report like this every ten days. I also took some special photos for the occasion. They’re useless right now but will serve to track future progress.

I’ve lost 4.3 kg in these first ten days (official goal is 3 kg per decad). Although the start was rocky, you can see in the previous chart that the last few days have had a steady-high effort in exercise and diet. Speaking of diet, here’s the chart (global table now has butter):

Breakfast was the usual 2 protein pancakes with one egg (+2g butter). I tried a cup of tea, but it just tastes like bitter water without the sugar. I had a big avocado at noon, 172g of chicken breast (+10g olive oil) for lunch, 89g more for dinner (+10g olive oil) and a shake before bed. Fat got higher than 70f, that’s why I only got a 9 in Diet. I must eat less avocado.

My cardio performance was the best so far. The caffeine really helped. I did have some slight nausea for some moments throughout the morning, maybe due to taking the tablet on an empty stomach, or maybe it was the intensity of the workout.

I’ve learned that Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is useless in its inaccuracy. BIA is the technology behind the feature of digital scales in which they estimate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, etc. I had planned on reporting that too. From now on I’ll be using a measuring tape on my waist for a more objective tracking.

I’m really sleepy so that’s the end of it. Tomorrow’s a VERY special day, you’ll read why. I had 6 cigs.

ERRATAS – Food charts in D-9 and D-10 aren’t adding the protein and fat of the eggs to the totals. Also, the number of isolate protein servings (“…protein x2”) in D-11 and D-10 should be 3.