Day 020 – DECAD REPORT 2!

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

These 10 days were frustrating, stuck at around 103kg. I finally dropped below that (after eating carbs, ironically). I’ve dropped a mere 1kg since D-10. 1-2 lbs (almost one kg at most) per week is a healthy weight drop, so it’s not an official tragedy. Still, I’m disappointed.

I took the special decad photos, but I’m not uploading them this time. They don’t look different enough without preconceptions. Maybe by the 3rd decad It’ll show the difference.

Today’s diet: breakfast pancakes +4g butter, 135g tenderloin roast leftover, 20g rinds snack, 175g of fried chicken patties (I’m making up a 30g oil number to account for the fat of the frying of all the ones I ate), then 85g more, 21g more rinds, and an apple. All the chicken patties made for the whole family had 2 eggs in them; I can’t count that so it’s not in the chart. I reached my protein goal without realizing, so there’s no 3rd scoop of protein powder today. I’m discounting a diet point for the apple and the extra fat.

Tomorrow I’m eating some carbs in the hopes that it’ll accelerate my metabolism. Maybe then I’ll burn more, or maybe not. I still want to compare cycling on carbs.

Day 019 – Carbohydrate experiments.

Intensity: 10
Diet: 9

I decided to run some carb experiments (I dislike that contraction but whatever). I ate some white rice before weightlifting and pasta before cycling. I didn’t notice any improvement in my performance. My average cycling speed was actually lower than the previous session for the first time, by a bit less than 2 km/h. That may not seem like much but I certainly felt the lack of speed throughout the slog. I napped last afternoon and had trouble sleeping last night as a result. This could explain my lack of energy during biking. For all I know, the carbs may have actually helped. I will have to try again soon to verify. The bodybuilding forums keep insisting that I should eat some carbs and more calories in general, so maybe I should be prudent and try it. I’m putting a 9 for diet because I ate what I meant to, except for a final apple five minutes ago.

Since I couldn’t sleep, I ended up snacking 20g of rinds before sunrise. I ended up falling asleep and when I woke up I ate 102g of white rice (added to chart), breakfast protein pancakes after weightlifting, 100g of tenderloin roast by lunch, 70g of pasta (added to chart) +1 egg +5g oil +10g butter about half an hour before cycling (simple but delicious, it felt indulgent), a shake when I came back home, 99g tenderloin roast at some point afterwards, and 98g of chicken +6g of oil for dinner. Also an apple just now.

I also added oatmeal to the chart because I’ll end up eating that if the carb intake sticks. I had 6 cigs.

Day 018 – Cheat meal day?

Intensity: 9
Diet: 7

Earlier tonight I ate four bites of some pasta that had been made with butter and eggs. I don’t know how to estimate the ingredients so it’s not on the chart. It shouldn’t be more than 200 cal, I think. This event, plus the previous “not enough carbs” feedback I got on the bodybuilding forums, prompted me to make carbohydrates columns in my food spreadsheet. I also took the time to beautify it a little. I might start to eat some oatmeal, to see how it goes. By the way, carb values of eggs and such also means there’s now more calories in the estimations of past days. The largest is 107 cal in D-10. Won’t be updating past posts but will use updated numbers in future references.

I started the day with the usual pancakes +4 butter. Ate lunch outside (a helpful forum poster estimated the chicken at around 115g or so). I must have added around 15g of olive oil on the salad. Later in the afternoon I had 106g of steak (added to the chart) +10g oil, 19g of rinds, 88g chicken thigh roast (added to chart), 20g more rinds and now I’m having a shake before bed.

Used to measuring my food, not knowing the weight caused me some stress. It was delicious, though

That’s all there is to it. I wonder if eating some carbs will actually help me lose fat. It seems counter productive to me, but worth a try. Tomorrow is cycling day. Weirdly, I’m starting to look forward to that exercise. 5 cigs.

Day 017 – New snack discovered.

Intensity: 10
Diet: 10


I was thinking about possible snacks and it suddenly hit me: chicharrón! That’s deep fried pork rinds. No carbohydrates, some good protein and less fat than one would assume.

I’ve also started eating my new vanilla protein powder. It’s kind of insipid, made me miss the cookie flavor.

On to the food intake: usual pancakes +4g butter for breakfast, 217g chicken +12g oil for lunch, an after-cycling shake, 86g avocado snack followed by 21g of rinds (added to global chart), then 21g more, and finished with 101g more avocado.

While showering after cycling I found some new convex geometry on my hips. It felt good. I also noticed a certain drop in my butt’s width. I sure wish these changes were reflected in the scale, though. Gotta be patient for that.

I got slightly lightheaded when standing up from a chair about two hours after cycling. It happened twice. This isn’t normal at all for me, so it gave me pause. I asked about it on the bodybuilding forums, just in case. Comments are a mix of “you’re not eating enough calories” and “you’re overthinking a single event”. I’ve heard before that my caloric intake is too low, but I don’t believe I’m starving my body. I actually have trouble eating as much protein as I am, and the multivitamin should insure I’m not missing on vitamins and minerals. What happened can also be explained by my body lagging in adjusting to the intensity of my cycling (I made 4 laps and improved my average speed to boot), or eating too much sodium (I suspect I add too much salt to the chicken and avocado), or eating too little sodium. I should be eating enough fat for it not to be a hormonal response issue. I may truly be overthinking this. I’ll report it if it continues to happen and won’t worry about it otherwise.

5 cigs.

Day 016 – Meh.

Intensity: 0
Diet: 9

I’ve been angry all day. Scale still says I’m at 103.4 kg. I asked around and I just may be holding water weight. Since I’m at a caloric deficit and spending calories in exercise there’s no way I’m not losing fat. It’ll just take time for it to be evidenced in the weight measurements. Still, I was so put down I didn’t do any exercise. I did keep the diet, though (-1 for an extra apple).

Breakfast was the usual pancakes +4g butter, lunch was 192g chicken +10g oil, there was some 109g avocado at some point, then an afternoon shake (cookie powder is gone), and for dinner I had 62g of pork chop and 2 eggs +4g butter (pork chops added to global chart).

That’s it, really. Tomorrow I’ll strive to burn more fat. 5 cigs.

Day 015 – Second 4th lap!

Intensity: 10
Diet: 10

Gotta break that 103 kg barrier. With that in mind I cycled 4 laps today! Even with the extra distance, I still improved my average speed: 17.73 km/h.

Intake was 2 breakfast pancakes +4 butter, 240g chicken +10g oil lunch, 2 shakes after cycling (added an extra scoop by mistake and went for it), and an egg +2g butter for dinner.

I was happy to eat little fat today, although I’m thinking I shouldn’t do this. You can’t beat thermodynamics, so expending energy in a caloric deficit will reduce fat, even if the measured weight doesn’t reflect it: I could just be retaining more water in my body. If so, fat loss results will still be evident in the longer term. I won’t try to be below 70f anymore. 5 cigs.

Day 014 – Back to work.

Intensity: 8
Diet: 10

For all my talk yesterday, I overslept today. Workout’s an 8 because I was sort of tired and got lazy. New protein powder arrived today, it’s the same but vanilla flavored. I still have some of the cookie one left so it remains unopened.

Intake was standard pancake breakfast +2g butter, 158g chicken +10g oil lunch, 131g leftover roast afternoon, nightly egg +2g butter, 83g avocado snack and shake before bed.

I’m annoyed that I’m still not below 103 kg. Am I eating too much fat? Maybe too much sodium, I’ve heard it retains water weight. Tomorrow I’ll aim for 4 laps.